Bcorbin's Favorite Bars

Tuesday Drink Specials Tuesday Food Specials
Red Line Tap
$2 PBR/Schlitz tallboys
$2 High Life/Beck's tallboys
$3 Kilo Kai cocktails
Reggies Music Joint
$2.50 PBR tallboys
$3 Corona bottles
$4 Jim Beam/Malibu cocktails
$5 Jameson/Cabo Wabo cocktails
$0.25 jumbo wings
Cooper's $2 Off Belgian beers Half priced burgers
Matilda $3 Tecate cans $5 Fish tacos (3)
$2.50 Pints of Guinness
$2.50 Pints of Allagash White
$2.50 Pints of Lagunitas IPA
$2.50 Pints of Miller Lite
$2.50 Pints of Two Brothers Domaine Dupage
$2.50 Pints of Bell's Two Hearted
$2.50 Pints of Bell's Oberon (Seasonal)
$2.50 Pints of Three Floyds Alpha King
$2.50 Pints of Stella
$2.50 Pints of Half Acre Daisy Cutter
$2.50 Pints of Leinenkugels
$2.50 Pints of PBR
$2.50 Pints of Hacker Pschorr
$2.50 Pints of Harp
$2.50 Pints of Krombacher Pilsner
$2.50 Pints of Anchor Steam